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What I Took Away From The Cable Show (other than the tsotchkes), plus A Brief Google TV Note (For Now) (Regarding the news in advanced TV from last week – Google TV – I think it could be a Big Deal and a Game Changer. Possibly, maybe. There are a lot of “devils in the details” in gaining consumer traction. Plus, gaining advertiser, network and operator traction will depend on business side issues including the Fear Of Google […]

Better Monetization through Better Counting: Measurement Matters A Lot for Advanced TV/Video Next week is the informative and stimulating TV of Tomorrow Show presented by Interactive TV Today ( – San Francisco March 3 & 4). ITVT calls it “The Experts Conference” and it is. If you have attended in the past, you know it’s a must go for people in the advanced TV and video space. There […]

Is Online Video Use Hockey Sticking? Or Not? comScore vs. Nielsen data… As you may (or may not) have noticed, this newsletter was on “hiatus” this summer as I attended to a variety of other projects. And in retrospect, this summer was not a bad time for a hiatus. It was not a season filled with news (with respect to advanced video and TV). But as […]