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Is Online Video Use Hockey Sticking? Or Not? comScore vs. Nielsen data…

bit.ly/xOuEY As you may (or may not) have noticed, this newsletter was on “hiatus” this summer as I attended to a variety of other projects. And in retrospect, this summer was not a bad time for a hiatus. It was not a season filled with news (with respect to advanced video and TV). But as […]

Please WSJ, Just Say No To Cord Cutting Hype (Metrics Say DVR Matters Much More)

tinyurl.com/ox4sp3 Nielsen recently released the Q1 09 edition of their series of A2/M2 Three Screen Reports on usage of TV, DVR, online video and mobile video (you can download the latest PDF here).  I’ve run some calculations against that data – see below for charts and the trends they indicate. And just in time to raise my ire […]

Today’s Cable TV “Revenue Split” and Why Over The Top Likely Can’t Be Ad-Supported Only

tinyurl.com/pw4us9 Unsurprisingly, the ABC/Hulu deal of two weeks ago got my attention (some interesting insights on that from Bob Iger in the transcript of last week’s Disney earnings call).  But, one aspect of the deal in particular got my quantitative interest.  It was the long-form TV content online deal ABC elected not do – with YouTube.  Several […]