VOD – The MSOs’ Less Favorite Child? (When It Could Be the Cinderella Story)

tinyurl.com/cohrsz It’s Spring, and thoughts turn to March Madness and The Cable Show (this week in DC – if you’re going I’ll see you there).  And since Cinderella Stories are part of March Madness and VOD seems like it has the status of Cinderella among the various "children" of the MSOs (their business initiatives)… Rather than extending that […]

DVRs Are An Involuntary Carriage Agreement

tinyurl.com/cvl9l8 As consumers move video consumption to new digital platforms, carriage agreements between content providers and platform operators are of key importance.  Cable networks’ agreements with multi-channel operators (cable, satellite and telcos) limit their ability to offer their full portfolio of shows online.  Many of the proposed "Over The Top" initiatives for bringing video content […]

Indexing Cord Cut-ability – How Much TV Do You Lose Going Online-Only?

A quantitative look at how much TV you can (or can’t see) if you “cut the cord” by going online only.